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Political hypocrisy of America versus the Islamic Movement 'fundamentalist'

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 The U.S. government always holds a dilemma in view of international political issues related to political interests. This terimplementasikan in the pattern of foreign policy, between pragmatic and idealistic thinking.
Therefore, the Islamic world are often branded as hypocritical political wisdom (hypocrites). On the one hand, Americans are always touting the doctrine of Democracy as a universal formula that is honored and promoted all over the world. But on the other hand often and always acted trampling the sovereignty of other countries with due regard for human rights and democratic principles of state / other nations that are growing.

Americans are accustomed to seeing the various weaknesses of other countries for the purpose of political interests, the usual highlight the application in terms of democracy and human rights, but he forgot to see the flaws in the country to solve economic problems and racist an easy pop at any time. Castration negro race, color differentiation treatment of blacks and whites in American society is still very striking. It tasted American world was "sick" closes ulcers injustice within their own country and pointed thither countries accused of undemocratic and violates human rights, then hit the pretext of implementing justice.

The emergence of Islamic movements that often they give the label "fundamentalist" who famously antibarat, drawing the attention of American and western society in general, because the interests of the Muslim state become a major issue. So it is only natural to feel disturbed by the presence of American fundamentalists for disturbing the peace and interests. Many events ekstimitas, terrorist movements are fighting Western interests in various corners of the globe, is associated with fundamentalist Islamic movement who feel increasingly treated unfairly by the West.

Western politicians and practitioners, particularly the United States, likes to confuse the term with Islamic general as a political force narrow. Islam is seen as an ideology based on the strength of religion. Form of fundamentalist Islamic movement is often interpreted as a manifestation of the Islamic community as a whole. Negative impressions such as these have prompted the birth of many of the ideas from the West-leaning pragmatist to engineer the destruction of Islam as strength of Politics and Ideology. [Taz]
By: Dr. Amir Mahmud, M. Ag
Alumnus of the State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta


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